Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Dream Vacation

I've been dying to post these pics, but haven't gotten to it until now. Our cruise was AWESOME!!!! In a nutshell it was our dream vacation! We loved EVERY minute of it! Here's a little run down of our trip.

We flew into Miami Saturday, February 27, 2010
We got on our Carnival Cruise on Sunday, February 28 - accompanied by Daniel and Brittany (Matthew's brother and wife).
Here we are in Miami getting ready to get on the cruise!
Lunch on the cruise with our AWESOME view of Miami!
Our sweet stateroom - with our big window!
Top of the cruise overlooking Miami - pretty much everywhere you look looks like downtown.
Sunday - Embarkation day
Tour of the cruise ship, eat yummy food, played trivia game - Brittany got 18 out of 20 right and won a medal
Played game show mania - Daniel and I played - Name that tune to tv shows, songs, and movies, Carnival showtime - singers and dancers
Monday - Day at Sea
Eat yummy food all day, lounge in the sun
Formal Dress night
Carnival showtime - comedy act and singers and dancers
Fun/Crazy pics in the cruise library

The 2 foxy ladies
Tuesday - Georgetown, Cayman Islands
Scuba diving! Saw a HUGE lobster! We took some pics with an underwater camera - I'll post those pics on a later post
Walk around shops in the area
Back on ship, eat yummy food
Carnival showtime - juggler
Getting geared up for scuba diving
View from the deck of the Cayman Islands
Lounging on the deck
Wednesday - Isla Roatan, Honduras
Pirates of the Caribbean 8 zip line tour. This was SO FUN! It was probably my favorite thing we did! It was so green and so pretty!
Here's me getting ready to take off While we were zip lining, we could see the ocean in the background - beautiful! Matthew gettin ready to go
The view of the zip line ready to go!
Loved this rickety bridge! So cool!
Playing with the monkey - giving loves to Daniel
Matthew plays with monkey - luckily the monkey peed after Matthew put him down and not while Matthew was holding him

Picture perfect private beach - it was one of those beaches you see in a postcard or on a calendar. It was so hard to believe we were there!
We did some snorkeling, and while snorkeling - I got bit by a fish! No joke! There were 2 mean black fish hanging by the ladder going down into the water, just waiting for bait - me!
Here is the bite mark for proof!Back on ship, eat yummy food, carnival showtime - magician
Matthew likes to call the cruise ship a hotel on water. Check this out! We are on level 9 (There are 11 levels) The bottom floor you see is level 3. On the right are the elevators. So cool!
Thursday - Belize City, Belize
This is what their cemeteries look like. They bury their dead only 3 feet into the ground because the water table is so high.

We saw this a lot - pretty much the foundation and 3-4 walls of a house
Most of their houses are on stilts like this or even higher. This is to avoid flooding as well as to avoid little insects and creatures from getting into their houses. So intriguing!
Xunantinich Mayan Ruins - 4 hour bus ride round trip
We took this river wallace to get there
Tour of the ruins and climb up to the top of them - 130 feet, tour of Belize
This is from the top of the temple - 130 feet. So cool! It overlooks Belize and Guatemala
The temple is in the background
We found a sweet banana tree - yummy! I never knew banana trees had flowers at the end of them like in this pic - I thought that was so cool!Back on ship, eat yummy food
Carnival showtime - comedian
So here's a funny story. Matthew one night wanted to get a smoothie they had on the menu under the kids section. So we got it. We drank about half of it when the drink receipt came. As we looked at the receipt, it said we ordered a Miami Vice and the price was $2.00 more than what it should have been. It was the price of alcoholic drinks instead of the smoothie price. We asked our waiter about it. We had really ordered the Strawberry Pina Colada. He said the Miami Vice is the Strawberry Pina Colada. We asked if it had alcohol in it. He asked if we ordered it virgin. We said no. He asked if we could taste the alcohol, because it did have it in it. We said didn't know, because we had never had alcohol before. He was so surprised about that. He started laughing and said we would feel a little tipsy that night. Needless to say, we didn't drink any more after that. We got a big kick out of that experience. It was so funny! Oops! So the next night we ordered the Strawberry Pina Colada Smootie VIRGIN. Hee hee! Friday - Cozumel, Mexico
Scuba Diving - swim through a little tunnel
Checking out shops at Cozumel
Check out that water! Love it! So clear! Such great visibility - made for some AWESOME scuba diving!
Sportin our new shades!
Still can't get over how big cruise ships are! They are Massive!
Back on ship, eat yummy food - I have lots of pics of our yummy food, but didn't want to bore with all the pics I do have, so here's a small sample. This was smoked duck. I really like duck. It's so yummy! Every night in our stateroom we were greeted by a new towel friend. Here's just one of the many. We also could get ice cream any time, so every night we got ice cream cones. So yummy! Perfect treat for perfect days
Saturday - Day at Sea
Games, play speed basketball, twisty water slide
Eat yummy food
Carnival Showtime - singers and dancers
I watched the sunrise Sunday morning from our window - here are some of the pics from it. Loved it! Remember they were from our window, so some are the best
On top the cruise ship one last time
Sunday - Miami
Day at the beach, soak up the sun even with chilly wind, walk downtown South Beach
Here's our hotel
This was our bed - Yikes! I about died when I saw that! I gotta sleep in that??!!! Actually the bed was fine, it's the comforter that is all bumpy. They should really look into getting new comforters!Hotel overlooking the beach - check out that view! 2 minute walk and we were at the beach! Love it!
Monday - Miami
Day at the beach, soak up the sun, snorkeling, swimming in the pool, DELICIOUS sushi!
We climbed up onto the roof to check out the sunset
Tuesday - Miami
Walk along beach and watch sunrise. Fly home. Memories to last a lifetime!
Super long post! Sorry! I tried to narrow down my pics, but there were so many good and fun ones!
I HIGHLY recommend a cruise for a vacation, but especially for a honeymoon! It's such a fun way to travel! Your hotel and food and entertainment is all taken care of for however many days you go. They are such good deals! You can find some really good deals on them too!