Monday, July 27, 2009

Matthew's Birthday

Matthew's birthday was a great day - although he did take 4 quizzes and a test that day. We wanted to play all day, but he was crazy busy with school work! He did get some breakfast in bed, our birthday tradition. We went out for dinner to a new Japanese restaurant called Demae. I was really hoping it would be good, because it's way cheap on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I decided we could try it out. Matthew loves to try out new food and places, so I thought we could do it anyway. Well, it was very disappointing. The sushi was gross for a number of reasons. Our homemade sushi is WAY better than the stuff we had there. Yuck! Well, at least we know! The highlight, of the day though, is Matthew has a new hat, dremmel, basketball shorts, basketball shoes and a scuba diving trip. Thanks families! He loves all that he got and is totally stylin!

10K and Family Reunion

This month has been so busy and so fun! I love summer! I don't want it to end. The only thing that would make it better would be that Matthew didn't have to work. Poor guy. I'm always going off to play while he is home diligently working. What a guy! He's the best! It's exciting to see his hard work paying off to. We can only go up from here!
So 2 Saturdays ago my brothers Dustin and Jeremy ran a 10K trail race. It was fun to watch and support them.Right after that we went to a Schick family reunion. This was way fun! I saw cousins and their kids who I haven't seen in YEARS!! There are spouses and some kids I haven't even met. It was so fun to connect with them and catch up on each other's lives. Luckily with blogs and facebook I've been able to stay somewhat up to date with some of my cousins. Gotta love that! Matthew was so good to come up with me even though he was totally swamped with work and homework. What a trooper! I was so grateful to have him there. It was fun to introduce him to some cousins who haven't yet met him. My cousins decided next year I would be a candidate for planning the reunion. So cousins - now is the time to put in your input of ideas for next year!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

Matthew hits the 27 milestone today! We are looking forward to having a great day to celebrate. I'm so grateful for Matthew in my life. What a fabulous husband he is, and I love every minute I get with him! Happy Birthday Matthew! I love you! Things are really starting to pick up with Superior Design - it's so exciting! Way to go Matthew!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Natalie's birthday (my sister) was on Thursday, so my parents and I thought it would go up and surprise her for her birthday. Jeremy and Therese invited Natty and Mark over for breakfast and then to the lake. We were at the house and jumped out with a big surprise when they came over for breakfast. It was such a fun surprise!

We then spent the day on the lake - it was awesome! The water was great, so I got to do some slolam skiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Can't get better than that when you get to do all 3 fun activities in one day! And this time I didn't get burned - thank goodness! We then had a yummy BBQ with some delicious cake and ice cream. You can check out my wakeboarding skills. I'm still warming up for the summer, so I was just warming up. The best videos are yet to come...houseboating is next week! Yipee!
Here's TJ wakeboarding. He'll be turning 7 in the September. I can't believe how good he is! That is way cool!
We got some good shopping in - I got 2 new PE jackets for $6.00! Normally they are $30.00 a piece. I got them from Anchor Blue. They are going out of business and have some sweet deals! I also got some new running shoes. I can't wait to try them out! We also went to the park and played some Bocce. That was so fun! We had some great obstacles to work around like a sand volleyball court, a sidewalk, a horseshoe pit, a river. Good times!
The next day was ultimate day - love that game! Our team won 2 of the 3 games - go team! To finish off the fabulous weekend we went golfing. I did the best I ever have done! I had some really good drives and hits! It was so exciting! I'm finally getting the hang of this game. I still have a ways to go, but it's so great seeing some improvement and actually being able to hit the ball and have it go more than 10 yards. It was so much fun! The one thing that could have made this trip even better was to have Matthew with me. He stayed home and was hard at work while I played for a few days. He thought it would be best for him to use the time to work so he can go on houseboat trip next week. Can't wait for that! I love summer!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

I love holidays!!! What do I love most about holidays? Playing with family!!! That's exactly what we did. We played with the Henages and the Schicks - it was awesome! We had a BBQ at the Henage's house and did some slacklining. The Henage family gave Daniel a slackline for his birthday, so we tried it out for size. It was so much fun - but it will take us a lot of work to get good at it. We then drove to my parent's house in Provo, and rode our bikes down to Canyon Road to watch the fireworks. It sure beats being stuck in traffic. It was scary riding our bikes with so many people and cars! I did not feel safe, but it was still fun.

Doing the slack line and hanging out - good times!!!Mike showin his moves and chillin on the slackline
Our sweet spot for the fireworks. We had a great view. I set this picture up on timer. I wanted to get all our bikes in it. When the countdown got to 2 seconds we saw this guy running - we tried to stop him, but to no avail - he's a part of our picture. I could have cut him out, but I got such a kick out of it that I had to include and post it. This has happened a few times to us while doing a timer, but I sure love doing a timer. I can usually get the picture I want, the way I want it, and it's a fun challenge to see if I can do. Call me crazy
So here's for my not so cool events on the 4th of July. My Dad and I decided we wanted to go see the balloons and go to the breakfast that was going on. I made it halfway to the park when I realized I had forgotten my phone. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find my dad. I totally lucked out and found him right quick. We had a great time enjoying breakfast and the balloons. My brother, Dustin, was running in the 10K that morning. We were close to where he would run by, and I thought it would be fun to go cheer him on. We went over and looked and looked among the throngs of runners, but no Dustin. We decided we had missed him. It was 7:20 and I needed take off to get to work at 8:00. When I got to my car, I thought maybe I could see Dustin finish his race. I would cut it close for work, but I thought I could pull it off. I ended up going way out of the way to get to Kiwanis, and by the time I got there I realized I just needed to get to work. I drove past 7 Peaks and got to Center, but they had the road blocked off. I drove around for the next HOUR!!!! trying to get back to Springville. Every road I went down was blocked off. All of University Ave and most of 9th East was blocked off! I was so FRUSTERATED!!! Plus, I had forgotten my phone, so I couldn't call my work and tell them I would be late, and I couldn't call Matthew and tell him where I was. I finally made it to work - 45 minutes late. Poor Matthew had been out looking for me. He was afraid my car had broken down again, and I couldn't call him or that I had been in an accident. What a good husband I have! He always takes such good care of me. He wished too I had taken my phone, because there were so many phone calls that morning. Note to self - always take my phone! Thank goodness for cell phones!!! And good thing the rest of our 4th of July turned out way better!