Thursday, December 24, 2009

Posts Galore!!!

I have been wanting to post some things for the last month. We've had so many fun things to blog about, yet no time to blog about them. I jumped into a Christmas project that has engulfed my time the last few weeks. I'll tell you about it after Christmas, so I don't spoil the fun! So, if you have the stamina to read through my gazillion posts over the last month, by all means, keep reading. Where to start?

Christmas Decorations

Rick and Jeannine for my birthday, said they would help me decorate our table for Christmastime. Jeannine and I went to a number of different stores looking at Christmas decorations and what would look good. It was a work in progress. It was fun to see it come together, one piece at a time. I knew I wanted something classy looking, but didn't know exactly what I wanted. The Lantern was the most exciting purchase. It was perfect! I actually found it while I was up in Rexburg visiting Natty. It was fun for us to find that together. I love how our table turned out! I think it's so fun and so festive! I was so excited about it! Thanks Rick and Jeannine! I thought about buying a Christmas tree this year, but we don't have any lights or ornaments to put on it. I think I'll hit up all the clearance items after Christmas to supply our Christmas tree next year. Instead, we have our little holiday table with the decorations we already had. Now it's all covered in fun Christmas cards from loved ones. I love it! I love Christmas. I love the whole season. I love celebrating it for a month and not just a day. So fun!!!

Baby Danny

A couple of weeks ago I finally got to see my sister's little baby Danny. He is so cute! We had a great time visiting the Patten family. We played some Snorta, Halo, talked, hung out, shopped, and lounged around. It was great! Here's my little Christmas present

JJ Talking

My little nephew is the CUTEST!!! This is from my Birthday. There's a lot of background noise, but if you listen closely you'll hear him say Happy Birthday to you! A couple of times as well as I love baby Cameron. It's so cute!!! I love it!

Matthew's Goat

Matthew has had a pet goat the past couple of months. He thought he'd see if he could grow one, and when he was successful decided to keep it awhile. He got a lot of comments on it such as, "that doesn't look that bad." Or "You look good with that." "You got a little rebellion going on huh?" Etc. Every week he said he was going to shave it, but it never happened. Then Matthew did his GQ photoshoot...
A couple of days ago he shaved the goat off. I actually miss it. We've been asking people if they like him with or without it, most people say he looks good both ways and it's fun to have it for something different. I agree. It definitely makes him look older to have his goat. Maybe he'll grow it out again. We'll see. It's always an adventure with Matthew! Maybe next time he'll do a handlebar mustache!

The Poo Story

During Thanksgiving break, while we had everyone here, the mysterious poo came to play...

I went to go to the bathroom, when I found this.....
EWWWWWW!!!! I couldn't figure out where this poo came from. The only person who would miss the toilet like that would be our 4 year old Nephew. However, there's not a reason for him to be in our bathroom. I couldn't figure it out!!!
I didn't want to clean it up. It was so gross!!!
I went and got Matthew. I showed it to him and told him my theories. He was suppressing smiles and laughter. He asked me if I had smelled it. Of course I hadn't smelled it - it's poo! It CAN'T smell good. Although, when he said that, I figured out it was a joke! He was the culprit! Him and his brothers! They did such a good job. It looked so real! We left it there to see what other people would say/do about it, if anything. Nothing happened over the next few days. Luckily Matthew was also nice enough to clean it up.
All I have to say is you never know what's going to happen when you get the 5 Henage boys together.....


We'll start with Thanksgiving - told ya I had some catching up to do. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving - with both families. My family did Thanksgiving on Thursday and Matthew's family did it on Friday, so it made it easy to go to both! Yipee! We played some badminton - awesome fun! We then played video game extravaganza with all of Matthew's family. Everybody had to participate in at least one event. We had a such a great time!
Here's everyone playing games
Matthew's showing his circus skills

M&M badminton - UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This last Friday Matthew, his brother, Daniel, and I went SKIING!!! It was awesome! The lifts opened for the season on Friday at 9:00. We were there at 9:10. You'd think we were hard core skiiers. More like wanna be hard core skiiers. We've got a ways to go to get there though. It was Daniel's first time skiing. You would never guess though. He did great! You'd think he'd been skiing a number of times. Only the front mountain was open (pretty much the bunny hill) but we still had a great time. We have season passes, so I can ski in the morning, go to school to teach in the afternoon, and have our evenings together. It's awesome! If anyone wants to come with us, let me know! We're open for takers.
I volunteered last week to accompany for our school choirs. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I forgot how much work and practice goes into getting a song ready. I only had a few days to prepare, so I felt like I was practicing my brains out. But I did it! Friday afternoon our choirs sang in the Provo Towne Center, and I accompanied. It was a fun experience. My worst nightmare came true though. I was afraid I would totally get off, stop playing, and be totally embarrassed. I told the choir director about my nightmare too. I told her if it were to happen, I would find a good place to come in at, so it would sound like they were supposed to be singing accapela. Well, the VERY first song, I hadn't put the last page out, so I had to stop completely, turn the page, then find a good place to come back in. My nightmare totally happened! Good thing I had a back-up plan. A few people I talked to about it afterwards said they thought it was supposed to be accapella in that place. HA! My plan worked! Now we'll be performing at the school twice next week. Gotta do some more practicing....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

November 24, 1983
Family was all gathered around eating Thanksgiving dinner. My cute mom was 3 days overdue and in the other room having contractions. She told my dad it was time to go to the hospital. 2:56 p.m. I made my entrance! My parents were so excited to have a little girl. My mom was especially excited after having 3 boys. She missed out on Thanksgiving dinner that year, but she says it was the best Thanksgiving because she got me. I sure love and appreciate my mom. I thought more about her this year on my birthday, because Alicia had her baby the night before my birthday. It caused some reflection on my part. Moms are so great. I admire every mom. They give and sacrifice so much! I only hope one day I'll be half the mom my fabulous, amazing, caring, loving, beautiful mom is!!!

November 24, 2009
26 years later.
Jeannine made me pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. They were so yummy! I attempted pumpkin pancakes earlier this year, and they were a total DISASTER! So these were so delicious comparatively. She is so cute. I have such a great mother-in-law. I feel so blessed! I went to work, expecting to have an easier day which was an awesome birthday present. I got to school and these balloons were by my office. A little while later my cute mom showed up with a small bundle of balloons. What a fun surprise!! I added them to my collection. When I went back, one of my kindergarten classes had made the yellow poster that says, "Happy Birthday Ms. Henage" with all their names signed around it. I went into that class to say thank you. They were so excited and so cute! They said happy birthday and asked if it was really my birthday today. They sang happy birthday with "cha cha chas" in the breaks of the song. I wish I had that on video! I love moments like those! There were a number of kids who told me thank you. One of my kinders after school came and gave me a hug and told me happy birthday. Kids are so cute! I love my job! I have the best job!

Matthew and I went out to Olive Garden for dinner. Yum! Then we went mini golfing at Trafalga. It's been years since I've been! They've totally changed it around. The first 9 holes we played normal. Matthew beat me by a couple of strokes. Then we got creative-and the real fun began. We did one handed, left-handed, pool style, jump-turn-and hit, between the legs, etc. That was so much fun! That's definitely the way to play mini golf. We had a great time. We came back and Jeannine had made the famous Henage peanut butter cake for me. They sang, and we went to town scarfing down cake! So yummy!!!

Then fun continues...

This is what is so great about having my birthday around Thanksgiving. Everybody is in town, so it makes for such fun parties!!! Originally my dad was going to be out of town until late Thanksgiving day. Then he said he would be back on Wednesday. I made some phone calls and Wednesday night we had a fun dinner/birthday party for me! We had dinner, ate cookies, opened presents, played cards, and talked. All my family (minus Natty, Mark and baby - bummer) were there! It was so fun! I loved having everyone there! I requested homemade oreo cookies instead of cake. Boy were they delicious!! That was a good choice! So my cute mom made tons of oreos and made a cake for me. So fun!!!
Just wait - the fun still continues....

Saturday morning we did a Henage family birthday celebration. We had yummy biscuits and gravy, sang happy birthday, and opened presents. We all went and played frisbee golf in Provo and had a great time. So fun!!!! I love my birthday! Most of all, I love my family! They are all so good to me! It was such a fun birthday! Thank you everyone!! I sure love you!!!

And the fun will still continue...

Matthew's present to me was a VACATION!!!! How awesome is that??!!! He's been saving up money all year for us to go somewhere fun! I think that is so cool! I had no idea. We're thinking about going on a cruise in the caribbean, so we can do some real scuba diving. There are some good deals right now on cruises. I'm amazed at how cheap they can be! The best part is your lodging and food is all taken care of. It's such a great way to travel. We'll see what we end up doing. I think we'll go during spring break. I can't wait!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome Cameron!!!

Matthew and I just got back from see my new little nephew Cameron. He is so cute!!! It was so fun to see him. He is a big baby! He weighs 9 pounds 13 ounces!!! Wow! He has the cutest chubby cheeks. He was 2 days late, but only one day before my birthday. Happy birthday to me!! The doctor told my sister-in-law 2 weeks ago that he thought she would deliver early. Not so. She went in to be induced today because he was late! He was happy in the oven getting big! I think babies are such miracles. You get a little taste of heaven. What a treat it was to go see and hold that cute baby!! It's incredible to think of the whole process, it really is a miracle to have a healthy baby.

New Moon

Last Thursday night at 9:30, Matthew and I were deeply engrossed in playing Wii Sports Resort, when our friends Jake and Meredith called. Meredith had an extra ticket to go see new moon. I'll admit, I did hesitate a little bit, more because of the late hour, not because I didn't want to see it. The show started at 1:00. I'm not used to staying up quite that late anymore, and I can barely keep my eyes open when it does get that late. I went with her and had such a great time! I'm so glad I went! I LOVED the movie! I was not expecting to like it, because I didn't really care for the first one, and I didn't really care for the second book. However, I loved the movie! I thought it was great! I can't wait to see it again. I busted out laughing when I saw a bag full of stuff on every seat in the theater. There were advertisements for companies, some chips, vampire teeth, chocolate lips, lotion created and named after characters in the movie, etc. It was funny looking through all of it. It was a great night. A late one at that. I didn't get home till around 4:00. Then I had a hard time going to sleep! How ironic is that???!!! It was worth it though. Thanks for the invite Mere!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yeah Alisha!

We just got back from watching Alisha, Matthew's sister, in their high school musical, "The Music Man." Loved it! Alisha was a townsperson. She did such a great job! It was so fun to watch her. I don't know if anyone else was on stage, because I was so busy watching her the whole time! It was a great family activity.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Sweet Matthew

I knew a long time ago that I have the greatest husband in the world, well, I definitely have THE BEST husband in the world. I came down with a cold yesterday. Matthew found me yesterday on the floor crying. Natalie had her baby last Monday, and we had planned to go visit them. I didn't feel very good and I was upset that we couldn't go visit Natalie, Mark and baby. I had been looking forward to it all week and my hopes were totally dashed. He cuddled with me. He figured out a back-up plan of when we can go. He told me we should plan something fun for Saturday since we couldn't go up. He always takes such good care of me. This morning he made me breakfast, did dishes, and waited on me with whatever I need. How could I ever do it without him?
This last week after we got back from playing basketball, I found this on our dresser. We took our rings off to play basketball. I took mine off first. Matthew put his ring on top of mine like this. I thought that was so cute. He purposely positioned them in this way. It reminded me of how photographers position rings when a couple gets married. I saw it as love. Call me a romantic, but I thought it was so cute! I just love my Matthew! He is so perfect for me!!

The Newlywed Game

Remember how I said I have the best husband in the world? Well, I do. Our ward had a dinner and program last week. One part of their program was the newlywed game. They asked Matthew and me to be a couple on it. They asked us 3 questions and we answered them with flying colors!Question 1 - How many shoes does Matthew have?
b-less than 5
c-More than 5 but less than 10
d-More than 10
Ding, ding, ding! We both said c-More than 5 but less than 10Question 2- Your relationship is most like:
a-Two peas in a pod
b-Romeo and Juliette
c-Oil and water
d-Lehi and Nephi
e-Ruth and Naomi
Ding, ding, ding! We both said a-Two peas in a podQuestion 3- When you have a disagreement, do you?
a-Get mad
b-Get even
c-Let it go
Ding, ding, ding! We both said c-Let it goWe tied or first place. Yipee! It was fun! We had a great time. Just another way to see how perfect for each other we are. Hee hee! I love my Matthew! I love every minute with him. I can never have enough time with him. I love experience life together!