Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Autumntime! It's Autumntime!! The leaves are falling down! We filled 14 bags full of leaves the other night! It was full family affair!! Rick, Jeannine, Alisha, Matthew, Grandma and Grandpa all helped rake up all the leaves! Of course Matthew and I jumped in them and blasted each other with armfuls of leaves! The best part was Grandpa kept saying to Grandma - "who's that?" (pointing to me) "That's Melanie, Matthew's wife." "Oh, look at her go! Look at her rake all those leaves! Wow!" Hee. hee! I was laughing so hard - we sure love Grandpa!! The pictures aren't the best - it was getting dark, and my camera is broken. I can't zoom and I can't put it on self-timer. So it's time for us to look for a new camera!!!


The other day I came home to find Sylar in my house (those who watch the TV show Heros will be familiar with Sylar). I barely escaped his cutting through my head by zapping him with my amazing electric powers! This stunned him long enough to trim his hair and his hunger to see how things work. Luckily I was able to bring Matthew back from Sylar's trap!