Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This weekend was an exciting weekend. I graduated from BYU!!! I actually graduated last December, but I walked last weekend. It was great! It's such a good feeling to be done with school. A cool thing too was right before graduation started, I got offered a PE teaching job!!! That was awesome!!! I'll be working part-time at Freedom Academy, a charter school close to my parents' house. It seems like it will be the perfect job for me. I'm super excited about it - plus it was an exciting time to receive the phone call - right before graduation!!!
Here are the announcements I made for graduation. It was going to be $55.00 to order 25 announcements. Matthew said I could just make my own, so I did. I made 30 announcements for less than $10.00. They looked good too!!! My brother couldn't believe I had made them. He said they looked very professional. That was a fun compliment to receive. I thought they turned out great!!! Especially for the price!!!

I splurged for graduation, and with the help of my mom and sister, I got a new dress, shoes, and jewelry. It was fun getting some new stuff and creating a new outfit. Loved it!!

How I love my families!!! They are so great! I sure appreciate their love and support!!!
Jeremy, Therese and TJ came down from Boise. Natty came down a week early to play with mom and I during the week - it was so fun having her!!!
My Dad was working in California. I thought he wasn't going to make it, but surprised me by being there!!! He worked through the night, then flew in early Friday morning to make it to my graduation! Wow!!! That was such a fun surprise and a great graduation gift!!!

My parents gave me a new set of golf clubs for graduation!! I'm way excited about them!! It will be great to have them and get better at golfing!! My Dad loves to golf, so it's a fun thing to do with him. Matthew and I also love doing it together - it's a great activity!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Karissa's Presents

For Karissa's bridal shower gifts I made this family recipe book for her. Here are some pics of what it looked like. It was a fun little project. I also crocheted some dishcloths for her that you see at the end

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Here's some pics from our Easter. We had such a great day. How I love family!!! I love having both our families so close so we can spend time with both families. For Easter though, we were just with the Henages. We did bunny bags - which was great! In a nutshell, each person has a bunny bag and each person gets to hide someone else's bunny bag. I hid Alisha's, in what I thought to be a great spot, but it was the second place she looked! BUMMER!!! I on the other hand, looked and looked and looked, but could not find mine anywhere!!! Everyone else had found theirs (because they knew of that secret spot - it was a typical Henage hiding spot-unbeknownest to be) I sure know now! Because I couldn't find mine, I got the Bula Bula song sung to me. The great Henage tradition! I tried to record the Bula Bula song, but I guess you'll just have to wait for next year for that one. I love families and I love traditions!!! They are so fun and are so uniting.

Karissa's Bridal Shower

Yeah!!! A successful bridal shower!!! If only my last bridal shower could have been like this. Sorry Tiff! A big help with this one was it was a family bridal shower. It was way fun to have so much family come and support Karissa! We had a great time! Loved it! Here are some pics from it: This is the welcome table - each person picked a picture, then wrote some advice to KarissaHere is how the table was set up

Here are some people that were there

Lincoln was playing with this bow - it was so cute!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Matthew and Daniel creating ART

This one is from a while ago. Matthew and I love to go spend some time with his brother and sister-in-law. A few weeks ago we were hanging out at their house and Matthew and Daniel discovered cornstarch with water. They were playing with it and creating "art." We had a great time with it. Here's some pics of them and their "art."Matthew's final masterpiece

Babies, babies, babies!!!

Here is another burp cloth I made for our friend and photographer, Meredith Carlson. This one I made all from scratch - with the help of my mom.
And it looks like I'll be making another one of these for my sister who just recently got married. Yep - she's pregnant!!! Congratulations Natalie and Mark!

Tiffany's Bridal Shower

Last Saturday after the second session of conference, I had a bridal shower for my friend Tiffany. What we thought would be the perfect day for it turned out not to be the perfect day for it. Out of 50 people who were invited, only 2 came!!! Unbelievable!!! I felt so bad for Tiff! It still boggles my mind that more people didn't show. Our speculations are the weather, the day - because it was conference, it was in Springville (which is not that far from Provo, but some people think it is). At any rate, it was fun to visit with Tiff and the few who did come. Hopefully the next shower I do has a better turnout. Here are some pics of the decorations. I forget to get some of Tiff and I - how silly is that?Alisha, my sister-in-law, was so cute - she came right before the shower started and asked if there was anything she could do to help. I said Yes! I asked her to wrap my present. I said it doesn't matter what it looks like. This is what she did - I thought it looked great! I told it was way better than anything I would have done last minute. Thanks Alisha!!!
These are some dishcloths I made for Tiffany. I'm trying lots of new patterns and seeing what ones I like. The top one is my least favorite. It's pretty ugly I think. The bottom left one is my new favorite pattern. I'm definitely going to keep doing that one!!

Our First Anniversary

What a fabulous day!!! First of all - I woke up to these flowers in our room! Matthew had earlier in the morning gotten up and put them on the dresser, along with some PB M&M's (my favorite) and PB Whoppers (His favorite) What a fun surprise!
I sent him on a scavenger hunt that lasted throughout the day. My intent was to take pictures at each place, but I forgot. Our hunt began with breakfast-
One of the first "dates" we had together was to make egg pancakes, so we made egg pancakes again together. During breakfast we listened to a song that I heard and had the first thought of "I think I can marry this guy"We then went to the Manti temple, where we were sealed, and did sealings and took some pictures. While driving down, we listened to a recording of ourselves that we had made driving down to the Manti temple to get married. It was so funny to listen to it! We were so excited and giddy and silly! Awesome!!
After the temple our hunt continued by going to where we first kissed, where we said I love you for the first time, where we had picnics and watched a movie in the park. We also went to Olive Garden for dinner. We came home where the hunt ended by eating our wedding cake. Which, by the way, was not that bad. We were expecting it to taste awful and be freezer burned, but it was yummy!!! We also watched our wedding slideshow along with our wedding video. Matthew had another surprise for me. He bought "Night at the Museum." It was the first movie I had seen in a theater since I had been home from my mission (which was 9 months after I had gotten home). We held hands for the first time while watching this movie. It was way more fun to hold his hand this time while watching it. All in all - it was such a fabulous anniversary!!! We loved it and had such a great day!!!