Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. Lizard

Meet Mr. lizard. He has yet to have an official name. We really should name him. He's much cuter than this squirmy one. He's been quick the form of entertainment around our house the past few weeks. He's good for a laugh, a tease, a startle, a surprise, etc. You never know when or where he's going to show up. Matthew first found him on his pillow. I next found him on the light switch - totally made me jump when I went to turn the light off for bed, and Matthew got a great laugh out of it. I went to hide Mr lizard in Matthew's book, right when Matthew was walking into the room - Caught in the act! We got a good laugh at that. He popped out of my toothbrush holder. He squirmed out of the sink drain, He made bed in my retainer case. I almost sat on him while I was going to the bathroom - twice (in fact I may have even sat on him and not even noticed). He was running out of the toilet another day. He was dangling from the ceiling and startled me - twice - and Matthew once. I touched his squirmy body when I went to flush the toilet - Matthew got a kick out of that one. He jumped out of our humidifier. He was eating away at our lettuce and tortillas. He went on a ride on Matthew's shoe for a full day without Matthew knowing he was there. We almost lost the little guy, but we are glad he's still alive. He's a sneaky one I tell ya! You better hope Mr. Lizard doesn't show up at your house. Or maybe you'll wish you had such a fun little guy around. He adds a twist of fun and a burst of laughter on crazy, wild, mundane and frustrating days. He brings out the creative juices. Yep. We sure love our Mr. Lizard. May the fun and games out Matthew - he's going to totally going to get you tomorrow....hee hee hee

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have on my list of things to do before I die snowmobiling. Over the holidays I was telling Karissa about how it was on my list, and she and David invited us to go with them. I was so excited! We set the date to go over Martin Luther King Jr weekend. It was AWESOME! It was the perfect weekend. We drove up to Pocatello Friday night (where David and Karissa live) and stayed in the black swan. We stayed in the Atlantis under the sea room. I love the Black Swan! I love staying there. I LOVED the Atlantis room. It had a jetted tub, a steam room, a huge tv, a round king sized bed that was under a dome and up a level, and beautiful. You can check out pictures of it from their website.
Saturday morning we went to breakfast with David, Karissa and Gramps (David's Grandpa - the cutest, funniest, most cheerful elderly man - love him!!) We drove to Island Park then took the snowmobiles out for a spin. I'll admit, the first day I was very nervous on it - I kept thinking about how I could easily get hurt. Sunday we went to church and the parking lot had a 20 foot by 20 foot snow mound from snow that was plowed - it was so crazy huge!!! There was about 5 feet of snow. Sunday we relaxed, played games, read, crocheted, and watched movies.
Monday we went out on the snowmobiles again - okay, so now I'm addicted and I can see why everyone loves it. It was so much fun!!! I felt way more confident and comfortable both driving and riding. We rode to Big Springs, and I seriously thought we were in a movie - it was unreal. The scenery was beautiful!!!! I loved the snow on the evergreens, and the lighting was so cool looking, the water was so clear and pretty, the snow layers were awesome! I couldn't get over how beautiful everything was!!! I loved it! My only regret was I forgot my camera! Luckily Matthew had his phone, so we took some pics with that, but they are not near as good as if I had my camera - I could kick myself.
I've decided I really love the seasons. I love the change each season brings, I love the scenery with each season, I love the variety of activities with each season. I love seasons!
After some more relaxing we headed home. It was a short fun filled trip. It just wasn't long enough. Thanks David, Karissa and Gramps! I can't wait to go again!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Look Everybody

Look Everybody! I'm posting a blog. My life is a little more back to normal.
Last semester I took a sewing class that literally kicked my butt! Needless to say, I'm super glad that's over with!
It was Monday nights - so on Mondays I was gone from 7:30am-9:30 or 10pm. Now I feel super wimpy because some people do this all the time and do it on a daily basis. But for me - it was killer! Plus, Mondays are usually my laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping day, so to have that taken away from me was TORTURE!!! I could never fit that stuff in anywhere else in the week. It threw my whole week off. But now Matthew has a collared shirt - his $400 shirt that I'll have to post a picture of one day, and I have a new pair of jeans.
I feel like I have so much more time now, and I love it!!!!!

Christmas Vacation - now what's not to love about it?
Mike and Sooz (Matthew's brother and his girlfriend) were here for a week and boy did we have fun!
We played SO many games! Matthew was gamed out by the end of the break.
Matthew and I went skiing a couple of times. I did some double black diamonds - love it! I can't get enough skiing - who wants to go with me?
Matthew and I got to have many delicious breakfasts together. This is something we both have missed since I've started working full time.
We made yummy delicious sushi - LOVE IT! If you haven't yet had our sushi - we should definitely find a time that you can come enjoy it - it's the best!
We played wallyball and racquetball
We watched movies
We opened fabulous presents - we're so loved!
We went sledding - good times with the fam
I got to actually do some crafting - make jewelry and crochet - it was so nice to have some down time and do things I want to do!
I got to do some reading - that was awesome too!
We sang Christmas songs and listened to Christmas songs

I must admit - I had to drag myself out of bed to go back to school - I loved the break - it was so nice - but it's good to be back at school, and my classes haven't been that bad.
Life is good!!!