Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tiffany's Bridal Shower

One of my companions is getting married in April, so I'm doing a bridal shower for her in a couple of weeks. This is the invite I made for her. The top left one was my first and favorite one I made. Then I ran out of paper, and ribbon, so I had to make some modifications. The top right one was the the second and least favorite one I made. Then I again ran out of paper and later ribbon. I guess that's what happens when I just use leftover stuff I have instead of buying all new stuff specifically for it. The bottom one was my last one and second favorite. Such fun and exciting things going on! I love it!!

Babies, babies, babies!!!

Matthew and I are having a baby!!!


Hee. Hee. That's always what we tell people. It's a fun little joke.
In the meantime, we'll enjoy other people's kids and them having the babies. I did a baby shower today for one of my friends I have had since second grade.

Here is the invite I made for itHere is the burp cloth I made for it. I used to buy the fabric with the holes already punched in it. But this time, my mom and I picked out our own fabric, and my mom with her amazing skills and machine punched the holes. Then I did the crocheting. So it's all from scratch. It made it more fun and cheaper too. Love it!!!Here's the decorations and food for the shower
Here are some pics of friends at the baby shower

Babies, babies, babies!!!

Here is another burp cloth I made and crocheted for a friend who just had a baby girl, Tessa.

New Office!!!

The previous post showed what a mess our office was in. Well, here's the after post of what it looks like now. We bought 2 new bookcases at Shopko. They were half off, so we couldn't resist. They're cheapies, but we'll take em! Now we're wondering why we didn't do it sooner! This past week I spent assembling the bookcases, with Matthew's help of course, then filling them up! Matthew and I went through each of our boxes and cleaned out, threw away, and gave stuff to DI. I also picked up 9 boxes that were still at my parents' house. They graciously had been storing them, and I got them from them. I thought I only had 3-4, but it turned out to be 9!! Yikes! Where did I get so much stuff! I threw a ton of stuff away (like notes from classes in high school). It was so relieving and refreshing to throw stuff away. Now everything is organized and has a place. I love it! We can find our stuff now. It's so nice to have that done! It took WAY longer than I had anticipated. It's so nice to have all of our books easily accessible and ready to read and look at. Like scrapbooks and journals, etc. One of our shelves has binders and journals from my mission and Matthew's mission - I love that!!! It felt so good to get that done yesterday! Whew! What a project!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Day!!!

Matthew and I went skiing at Sundance today. We haven't gone near as much as we would like to this year, but it was sure good to get out today. With the snow we got earlier in the week, the snow was great! The sun was shining and it was warm up on the slopes. There is nothing like taking in the beautiful mountains as we converse on the lift, then feeling microscopic at the top of the mountain as you look at mountain after grandeur mountain along with the valley and the lake. That's just the scenery, not to mention the refreshing wind grazing your face as you glide down the mountain. I always remember how much I love skiing after a relaxing and invigorating day of it. I can't wait to go again!!! It felt so good! It is therapeutic!!! I love it!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Office Tornado

Matthew and I have about 20 boxes full of stuff that we don't have anywhere to go, so they just stay boxed up. The problem arises when we want something from the boxes. None of them are labeled and we usually end up going through every box to find whatever we were looking for. I finally decided to organize the boxes and label them. This is the mess we are currently in. It's awesome! While doing that, we have 4-5 boxes of just books. We decided it was time to get a cheapy bookcase so we could get rid of some of those boxes. We found some great bookcases, buy one get one free and are waiting to purchase them later this week. It will be heavenly to get everything organized and put in a place.

Delicious Bread and Cinnamon Rolls

It has been far too long since I've made bread. So I decided to make some today. It turned out great! I should make it more often with how quick we go through bread. I had some extra dough and thought it might make some good cinnamon rolls. I have not had any success making cinnamon rolls yet. I've tried making them 4-5 times and each time was a complete failure!!! Part of the problem is I try to make them in the morning for breakfast - Matthew LOVES them! - but there isn't enough time for the dough to rise and I get too impatient for them to rise. So they usually turn out hard, crusty, chewy and gross. We don't even eat a full one they are so nasty, and we throw the rest away.
But finally I succeeded!!! Using the extra dough I made the most delicious cinnamon rolls. Matthew was in heaven. He couldn't get over how yummy they were. He said they were the most delicious thing in his mouth. He said they were so soft and so good they melted in his mouth. Success is so sweet!!! Matthew even helped make the icing and put the icing on the cinnamon rolls. It's always fun to have his help in the kitchen.
Much thanks to my mom. I called and told her of my success. I am so grateful my mom taught me how to make bread. As I was looking at a different bread recipe it looked impossible to me, but having my mom teach me how to make bread has made it easy for me to learn and now make on my own. I have such a great mom! How grateful I am for her and all the things she has taught me.

TJ the Tae Kwon Do Master

While we were in Boise I got to watch TJ do some of his sweet Tae Kwon Do moves. Here are some pics from that. He got this orange bandanna as an advancement while I was here. He was so excited about it. This picture reminds me of pictures I've seen of Jeremy (his dad). I had to take a picture of it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Boise Trip and Best of All SKIING!!!!

My brother and sister-in-law got to enjoy a week in Washington DC last week, so Matthew and I went up to Boise to babysit my nephew TJ. We had a great time! I was so glad Matthew was able to go up with me. I played mom for a week of getting TJ to school, and Tae Kwon Do, making dinners, cleaning and all that good stuff. The best part of it was Matthew and I got to go skiing!!! We haven't yet been this season. I remembered how much I love skiing and can't wait to go again. It was so great! TJ went skiing with us. He definitely showed us up. Our first run and he took us on the moguls! I was hoping for a warm-up run first, but he said that's one of his favorites. He is a good little skiier! Wow! It was so funny some of the things TJ would say. He could not wait for his parents to get home. He was so cute. We got to play some games and hang out a little with Jeremy and Therese when they got home which was awesome. Therese asked if that experience encouraged us to have kids or was a good form of birth control. TJ is a great kid and easy to babysit, but we can wait on kids for now. Our time will come.