Thursday, September 25, 2008

Student Teaching

School has been going for about 6 weeks now. It's definitely been an education while I've done my student teaching. I'm learning 7-9 graders are very chit-chatty! They don't like to listen, but they sure love to have fun! It's been quite the challenge, but it's been fun. I'm excited to either get my own classes or say c-ya to teaching all together. We'll see how I feel about things at the end of the semester - know of any good jobs?

Wish Granted

Matthew and I got new callings in our ward. Ever since we moved in Matthew has been saying he wants to be called into the nursery - that way he can play while he is at church. I kept saying the LAST calling I wanted to have was to be in the nursery. Well........any quesses as to who won??!! MATTHEW! We got called into the nursery! Matthew almost busted out laughing when the Bishop gave us that calling. Last Sunday was our first day. Matthew was stoked and I was crying - literally. I'm sure I'll find the joy that Matthew finds in being the nursery.