Saturday, December 13, 2008



I finished my student teaching yesterday! I got in the car after the day was over and started screaming with excitement. I was done with student teaching and done with college! I can't believe it! I came home and celebrated/crashed. I slept for 11 hours last night!

Yipee for me!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sushi Yum!!

Matthew LOVES sushi! So on my birthday a couple of weeks ago we bought all the stuff and learned how to make our own sushi. He was so excited about it. We started out with doing just tuna fish and crab. We have since made it 4 times. Each time we get better and better at it, and it tastes better and better. Now we do some rolls with variations of shrimp, crab, tuna, avacado, cucumber, and cream cheese. Matthew is getting to be quite the expert at making sushi. We love doing it together, and it's way cheaper than going and getting it somewhere. So if you want sushi - just give us a call and Matthew will be delighted to make you some! FYI - we do not use any raw meat - all of it is cooked and completely safe to eat. YUMMY!

New Tables and Chairs!!!

Matthew did such a fun thing for my birthday! He organized with his family and my family and himself to get me a new kitchen table and chairs. What a great gift and such a fun surprise! I was not expecting it at all. Matthew was so sneaky - he asked me a couple of times if we had a million dollars what would I do with it, or get with it. One of the many things I mentioned was a new table and chairs. Matthew said he looked at over 1000 different tables, and went into a couple of stores looking for some tables that I could choose from and that were in our price range. We spent some of Saturday looking online at some tables. We almost bought one from JCPenney, but the problem was none of the stores in Utah carry furniture, so we would have bought the table without ever seeing it, plus we would have had to pay over a hundred dollars in shipping! NO WAY! Then we saw a table and chairs that we liked at furniture row. It's a new place that opened up by IKEA. We thought we'd go check it out. We found the perfect table and chairs!! We debated between two, then chose our winning table. We got a great deal our them and were very happy with our shopping and purchase. So, if you're looking for good, relatively inexpensive furniture, we recommend furniture row. My parents were so nice to drive up Saturday night and pick it up for us, and Matthew and I spent that night and some of Sunday putting our table and chairs together. They are so nice! They look so good in our kitchen. The table is counter height. It's all black and the seats are a cream suede. We love them so much. What a great gift! Thank you Matthew and everyone that went in on it. I love it!!!

Thanksgiving Rock Band

Matt and I got together with some of our friends over the break and had a great time playing rock band. Jeff and Meredith were our star singers. Jake was awesome at everything, Matt was our hard core guitarist with Katie, Danny, Jen and I jumping in and rocking out when we got a chance. Look out - we're going professional here. As one of Matt's Echoboost bands says "we are the next best thing!!!" Hee hee!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

What a great birthday it was this year! It lasted for a full week!! Friday night before my birthday- Nov 21 Matthew and I went to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants then to Comedy Sports. Sunday we had a birthday dinner with my family. On Monday, my birthday, Matthew made me a yummy delicious breakfast in bed!!! I stayed home from school that day - I didn't want to go on my birthday, so I gave myself a present. Matthew and I got all the stuff to make sushi. We made our first attempt at sushi. We love sushi!! Our first roll was pretty funny - but now Matthew is becoming the sushi expert!! It's so yummy! If you want sushi - let us know and we'll make you some!! On Tuesday we celebrated my birthday with the Henage family. On Wednesday we celebrated my birthday with my family. It was a birthday week! I loved celebrating it so many days - it was awesome! My family, Matthew's family and Matthew all went in on getting me a new kitchen table with chairs!!! We have yet to pick out the specific one we want - but what a great gift! I'm so excited for it! I have the best husband ever!