Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bocce Fun

Sunday we celebrated Mother's day because my parents were out of town. We also did a mini birthday celebration for Dustin's birthday. We gave him Bocce for his birthday, so of course we had to go try it out!! It was so much fun! Dad was amazing - he beat us all - we couldn't believe some his shots. Where did he come from?JJ was digging Bocce too!

Frisbee Golf Fun

Last Saturday Matthew and I went frisbee golfing with his family - Rick, Daniel, Jonathan, Brittany, Alexander and Lincoln. We went to a cool course in American Fork that none of us had been to. Rick bought 30 discs for $20 off Ebay, so we had a wide variety of discs. It was awesome to have a driver, mid-range, all-purpose and a putter. I felt like a pro! We had a great time! And of course, I was the big winner!We did see some crazy stuff in the woods - like a couch, an old refrigerater, and this - whatever this is or is all about. pretty random!Alexander in action!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alexander Quote of the Day #1

Alexander is my nephew, his mom, Brittany, does these quotes of the day. He stayed at our place last night and we had breakfast together. He is 4.

"Dada, I need a napkin. Oh, I don't need one any more, I made it disappear.
When you rub your hands together like this, then it disappears and you don't need a napkin."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Matthew is # 1!!!!!!!

Matthew and Danny have been working so hard for months on their web design and internet marketing business, Superior Design. Now their hard work is paying off!!! They are ranked number 1 on Google!!!!! It says they are number 2, but the number 1 spot is actually just a directory, so technically, they are #1.

This is an enormous feat because they are competing against people who know what they are doing when it comes to web design and SEO stuff. The competition is VERY high. But they are succeeding!!! They are #1!! While I was doing dishes Matthew called to me to come here and excitedly told me they were number 1. He then did his #1 victory dance and song - it was great! Congratulations you guys!!!

To check out their website, here is the link:

Pizza Delight!

My mom and I went to a pizza class together this last week. On Sunday we decided to try the pizza's out. It's amazing what some little tools we were lacking can help so much, but we made do with what we did have. It was a lot of fun to do it together. We had Matthew and my dad top the pizzas while my mom and I did everything else. The funniest thing was when my mom was making the dough in her mixer, she forgot to put the lid on so flour, water, and partially mixed dough was going everywhere!!! It was one of those funny slow-motion moments where you can't think. She couldn't think of how to turn the machine off, she was screaming, I was laughing and she then pulled the plug. The remains were all over the kitchen. It was so funny!!!! She didn't think it was so funny, but we did get a good laugh out of it. I wished I could have gotten a video of it - or at least a picture. We made 5 pizzas and still had dough leftover!!! We made a chicken and broccoli alfredo, pepporoni and sausage, canadian bacon and pineapple, cheese sticks and a dessert one with cherry pie filling and cream cheese frosting. They were all so yummy! We loved them! It was great! Here are some pics of our yummy delicacies

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Perfect Day

"The perfect day is being with those you love and knowing they love you"

Wedding Season!!!

Matthew and I went to one of his companion's (Brian and Sheyda) wedding on Saturday. This makes 3 sealings we have gone to in the last month. We love sealings!!! They are my favorite! The spirit is always so strong. Their wedding was really neat. Part of her family are not members of the church. They did a ring ceremony before the reception. After the ring ceremony Sheyda got up and explained why Brian and she decided to get married in the temple. She said it was something that was important to them and a choice they had made. They wanted to married for not only time, but for all eternity. She got to share her testimony with her family. There was a very sweet spirit there for that. I really admire both of them. It was so exciting they got married in the temple, but was also probably kind of hard to not have all their family there to be with them. It was fun to be a part of their special day. Here are some pictures from it

In between the sealing and the ring ceremony, we had some time to kill, so Matthew and I went Bountiful city park and had a little picnic, took a nap, watched some slack lining and hung out. It was such a beatiful day!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Awesome stay at the Black Swan

David and Karissa had their open house in Pocatello last night. So Matthew and I went to support them. We had planned on driving up there and back late all in one day. After the open house we wanted to watch David and Karissa open their presents. By the time things got rolling as well as how long it takes to open presents, it was getting pretty late. It was close to 11:30. His parents own the Black Swan, a bed and breakfast, there in Pocatello. Their family has done most of the work on it. His mom did most of the paintings. It is incredible!!! They offered for us to stay there that night. What a great offer!!! That was so kind and generous of them!!! I couldn't believe it! I have wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast ever since we got married, but it hadn't happened yet. I tried to do it for our first anniversary, but our funds were too low for it. So this was an offer that I couldn't refuse! It was awesome!

Here is the website, you can check it out.

It is a really cool place. I highly recommend it. We stayed in the Mayan rain forest, so you can look more closely at that one. It was awesome! It had a big flat screen tv, a jetted tub, popcorn, hot chocolate and silk sheets. It was great! I felt kind of guilty staying there for free, but at the same time enjoying every minute of their generosity. We loved it and can't wait to go back!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Karissa's Wedding

The past week has been jam packed getting ready for Karissa's wedding. Karissa received her endowments on May 2, then David and Karissa got married May 9. The reception was at the Henage house, the same place as our reception. Much time went into working in the yard, cleaning, and prepping for the wedding. That's pretty much all I have done the last week. It was a lot of fun and everything looked great! Jeannine (my mother-in-law) had worked really hard getting everything ready. Together, we pretty much did the whole reception. Friday was probably the best day - there were four of the boys and they were each helping as well. Matthew was mowing the lawn, Michael was ironing chair ribbons and peeling potatoes. Daniel and Jonathan were setting up chairs and steaming chair covers. Who knew these boys were so homemakey? Alisha and I made the guest book. I did the cake table and decorated the other tables. It was quite the production! It was so fun to work together on it. Needless to say, we were all exhausted afterwards!

The wild part of it all was we all 5 Henage boys, my brother Mike, the Henage dad (Rick), David and Karissa and I all went and played basketball Thursday night. While we were playing David broke his foot!!!! Of all times to break your foot! He is now on crutches and has a boot - and had all of that for the wedding, poor guy. The even more wild thing - when Thomas and Emily Henage got married, Emily had a broken leg too!!! I'm glad I missed that for our wedding!

Here are some pics from the event.
Michael scrubbing potatoes - love the apron!!!
We even had a little hummingbird who joined the party. With all the windows in the entryway, the poor thing got caught in the house because it kept trying to fly into the windows. Matthew was the hero to catch the bird and set it free outside of the house.
Matthew going out to mow the lawn and weed wack. He gets allergies SOOO bad when he does that - so this is now how he goes out. Hee hee!!! That's my hubby!!!! He looks so hot in his work out outfit - gotta love those boots!!

Matthew and I made sushi for his family. Thomas, Emily, Jonathan and Terri (a family friend) had never tried our sushi, so we were way excited to make it for them. Michael tried our sushi the first time we made it, but we have come a long way since then!!! We fed 11 people and made 20 rolls. It was a huge hit!!! The best part - Michael and Alisha rolled the sushi while Matthew fried some rolls, and I replenished the supplies. It was so much fun. Everybody LOVED it! Even people who thought they wouldn't like it. We love when that happens!!! We are pros at this!!
The next three are from when Karissa received her endowments. Matthew thinks he's all that - he can keep telling himself that - hee hee!
One night the table turned into laptop city - as it often does when you've got the Henage boys around. We were celebrating Karissa's birthday and Matthew and Daniel had a cake party under the table with their own cake and milk. We got such a kick out of that! You never know what's going to happen when the Henage boys get together - like pool/fooseball or cinnamon challenge...
What fun times and great memories!!! We loved having so much family around! Families are the best! I sure married into a good one. I have great families and how I love them so much!!! We are so excited to have David in the family - he is a great fit and a fun addition to the family!!!

To see a slideshow of more pictures of the wedding:
David and Karissa's Wedding