Monday, August 1, 2011

More Hawaii

Another day we kayaked up the Wailua River - this was one of my favorite activities. We kayaked for a while, then we did an awesome hike. This was one of the waterfalls we passed on that hike. We hiked to Secret falls. So beautiful! Again - we jumped right in, ready to get wet after our hike! This waterfall was super fun - we went behind it, under it, and through it - it was so fun! We had a great time!
After the waterfall, we hiked back to the kayaks and kayaked up the river a little more to the Fern Grotto. There is a cave there that used to be totally covered in ferns. It was destroyed by a hurricane a few years ago, but there are still some ferns there.
Here we are ready to snorkel in the kayak. This was the only time we wore our snorkel stuff. We decided after the rough, crazy ocean, that we would stick to kayaking the rivers. Definitely loved kayaking the riversWe went to the lighthouse there - I don't remember the name of itHere's one of our camp site set ups - we were at one campsite for 3 nights but changed our location to a better one each day - we got closer and closer to the beach! Nice!
Here's what we saw from our tent door - yep - I could wake up to that EVERY morning!
The next 2 are from Wailua Falls - Matthew found me the flower for my hair on that day. It was so big! I LOVED it! It was my favorite one of them all - especially because it was from Matthew!

We saw this guy on the beach fishing while we were watching the sunrise. He showed us the octopus he caught that morning - cool! Then he made me a flower and Matthew a grasshopper out of leaves they have there. So fun!!
This is at Kipu falls. You can do cliff jumping - there's also a sweet rope swing there. We had so much fun on the rope swing!!!! It was awesome! Another beautiful sunrise
These are some pics is from our boat ride along the Na Pali Coast - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the water! It's so blue!
Secret Beach
This was another view of the Na Pali Coast. Love the green, green mountains, with the hanging clouds, the beach and ocean. I love Hawaii!!!
We drove to Waimea Canyon

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Wow I wasn't going to comment again but seriously, gorgeous pics!!!! And you look beautiful!